Saturday, 12 November 2011

As Fate Would Have It

  Emily contacted me about some family pictures back in September.  After re-scheduling a couple times due to weather and toddler tumbles we finally made it happen late last week.  It turned out to be a stellar day for some photos down on the spit, warm and dry and the wind was calm....a rare treat when it comes to outdoor photos in Squamish.  The only drawback to the lack of wind was some extra Photoshopping to remove the black flies, not a bad trade off for such a beautiful location.
  I instantly fell in love with this wonderful family, they were so warm & friendly.  To get to photograph them was such a treat for me.  It was a true pleasure to have met you all, I really hope you love them Emily.  We made it happen!


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  2. Thanks Cheryl! That's so nice of you. We had a great time too and we love the pictures. You're a true talent.